Why Choose Us Over Our Competition?

  • Locally manufactured and serviced from Punta Gorda, Florida.
  • Great attention to quality & workmanship. Every heater produced is tested by a heat pump engineer with over 20 years of heat pump experience.
  • All Built Right Heaters are ETL listed to meet UL 1995 safety standards.
  • All Built Right Heaters are independently tested & certified for performance by AHRI.
  • Among the most efficient heaters available.
  • The BR115 XW & BR135 XW have the best warranties in the pool heat pump industry.
    Our superior warranty is 5-year, top to bottom coverage & nothing is prorated!
  • The XW Series heaters are impressively quiet: built with 825rpm fan motors and swept wing fan blades, they also come with a compressor blanket as an added measure to make them one of the quietest heaters on the market.
  • When outdoor temperatures are in the mid 40’s, Built Right Pool Heaters will continue to heat your pool.

Best Heater—Best Price—Best Efficiency– Best Warranty Service On The Market Today!