This warranty applies to all models installed within the State of Florida after September 1, 2017 (all versions, brands and voltages).

Built Right Pool Heaters, LLC warrants this Swimming Pool Heat Pump, to the original owner and installation site, to be free of material or workmanship defects for a limited term.  Specific warranty terms, by model, are listed below.

The warranty shall begin upon the date of purchase, verified by the owner/operator’s proof of purchase documents or, in lieu of owner documents, sixty days from date of manufacture.  The warranty form must be submitted by the homeowner within thirty days of purchase or warranty is void.  The full warranty term includes parts and on-site labor charges, when applicable, to remove, repair or replace defective components, or failure due to workmanship.  Replacement parts shall be warranted for ninety days, or the remainder of the original warranty term: whichever is longer.  Manufacturer reserves the right to replace defective parts with new or refurbished parts at its sole discretion.  Workmanship or labor to remove, repair or replace defective parts shall be warranted for ninety days or the remainder of the original warranty term: whichever is longer.  This warranty does not include transportation charges for equipment or component parts to or from the factory.  The owner/operator shall be responsible for any trip or travel charge imposed by the warranty center or servicing agent. 

Claims for warranty reimbursement must have prior authorization by Built Right, and be performed by a Factory Authorized Service Agent. This warranty is void if the product is repaired or altered in any way by any persons or agencies other than those authorized by Built Right, and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, written or oral.

The warranty is applicable only if the heat pump has been installed by a licensed professional and operated and maintained expressly and completely in accordance with the purchased model Owner/Installation Manual.  These documents are furnished with each heat pump, and additional copies are available by contacting the Built Right office.  The liability of Built Right shall not exceed the repair or replacement of defective parts under the referenced limited warranty term, and shall not include consumables (including, but not limited to refrigerant) or transportation to or from the factory.  Built Right shall not be liable for any damages of any sort whatsoever, including incidental and consequential damages.  This warranty does not include damage due to freezing conditions, negligence or abuse, installations in corrosive environments or atmospheres, nor act of God.  There are no implied warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose that apply to this product.

ModelOn Site LaborParts
BR80 XW(5)Five Years(5)Five Years
BR105 XW(5)Five Years(5)Five Years
BR115 XW(5)Five Years(5)Five Years
BR135 XW(5)Five Years(5)Five Years
BR105 S7(2)Two Years(7) Seven Years
BR115 S7(2)Two Years(7) Seven Years
BR135 S7(2)Two Years(7) Seven Years